Let’s Make Marketing Personal Again

Digital marketing is the dog’s doodahs. It really is. No marketing professional worth their salt is ever going to advise any business to stop using digital.

But what we have found is that some companies, particularly the younger, hip, online ones seem to have forgotten all about the traditional ways of doing things. By that, we mean our old friend: print.

Sometimes, when as marketing professionals, we suggest to an all-digital company that they get themselves a paper presence, they look at us in disbelief. To some people, it seems, this idea is as antiquated as suggesting they get a town crier to shout ‘Oyez! Oyez!’ whilst ringing a bell!

But they’d be wrong. Because print media is a long way from dead and what’s more, there are the beginnings of a comeback.

Now what you might be thinking is ‘we can’t afford that! Print media is beyond our budget’. But if you think that all ‘traditional media’ means costly printed ads in magazines or television commercials, then you would be mistaken.

There is the often-overlooked area of printed promotional items. Things like flyers and personalised mail-shots. This may sound old-fashioned, but there is increasing evidence that in a world overrun with digital adverts, the modern customer has begun to return to the safety of promotional printing in the UK.

However, this is not just mail shots – although these do play their part, especially when they have been cleverly and subtly targeted at the recipient. By that we do not mean those pizza flyers that have got your name spelt the wrong way all over them!

No, one way that even an all-digital company can get a new type of exposure is by approaching their clients differently. We mean media promotions. Things like branded giveaways, corporate gift bags.

This is an approach which can particularly work wonders in the whole business to business arena. Nowadays, your clients’ inboxes are overflowing with marketing emails, which never get opened. There is an overload of companies trying to compete for your customers’ attention.

Sometimes that can be better served by getting personal and giving your customers something to remember you by. Believe it or not, there is a reason for the enduring popularity of corporate promotional products such as branded pens and promotional cups in the UK. This is because they work!

People have not stopped drinking from cups and that includes the relatively cheap corporate mugs which presided over the 1970s office. Nowadays, these come with more choice of course, from cappuccino cups and latte mugs to the modern phenomena which is the sports cup.

Why do merchandising products still work their charms in 2017? We believe one reason is that it shows thought on behalf of the businesses who have chosen to use them as their promotional giveaways.

But today your cheap promotional gifts of choice do not have to be solely limited to mugs, or even promotional branded pens! Now there is so much more you can personalise as a way of promoting your business.

Small consumables like portable USB drives or mobile phone accessories regularly top the lists of popular corporate giveaways amongst businesses in the UK. If this isn’t suitable, you are bound to find something that is.

In 2017, media promotions have grown up and the quality of them is a long way from the slightly tacky gimmicks you might remember from days gone by.

Because today, in an impersonal world, people are craving the personal touch like never before and promotional printing is a highly cost effective way of delivering this.

About the author: Louie Percival

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