Why Your Business Needs To Get Mobile In 2017

The mobile phone in your pocket has been on a bit of a journey over the last couple of decades.

A bit like Alice, in her Adventures in Wonderland, it started off big (the size of a breeze block to be precise – and about three times as heavy!) and then suddenly got shrunk down to miniscule proportions.

Now, it’s ended up somewhere in between. Slimmed, flattened down but still growing gradually.

And its size is not the only thing that has changed. The levels of ownership of a mobile phone have rocketed over the last few years. Specifically, the ownership and use of smart phones has grown drastically.

This means an estimated 80% of internet users now own a smart phone.

Of these owners, a survey revealed that half of them picked up their smart phone immediately on waking in the morning.

For any advertiser or marketing professional, this is food for thought indeed. As if this is not enough, here are some more things to ponder, now more people use their smart phone to send an email than make a phone call. Today 55% of all emails are firstly opened on a mobile device.

Yet, we are still finding that for too many companies, mobile marketing is an afterthought or incorporated into their general marketing strategy. This is clearly a mistake.

It is not just emails which are moving to mobile devices. It is also search and increasingly sales.

A search that is performed on a mobile device has a much higher chance of a conversion to a sale, than one carried out on a traditional desktop or even laptop device. One of the reasons for this is because your potential customers are actually searching for your business whilst they are out and about.

The increasing use of mobile phones for shopping, as well as information about businesses, is an area that no business or business marketer can afford to ignore.

These are literally customers pounding the high street, looking to spend the pound in their pocket with your business. So, when you think about it like that, why on earth would you put an obstacle in their way?

And yet, so many businesses do just this!

Websites that do not load properly, sites which are difficult to navigate and landing pages that make your customer give up and go elsewhere, are still far too often the reality of what mobile customers are finding, when they browse a business’s websites.

In order to maximise your sales, your business really needs to get to grips with the mobile web, before your competitors get there first.

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