What Social Media Sites Should be in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are many social media sites at this time and including your business in each of these may be tasking and expensive. Instead of aiming at having your name in all social media platforms, it is better to find out which ones are best for your business.

Thi Nguyen runs a wedding service online and notes “The first step to determining where to carry out your social media marketing strategy is to determine who your target is. This will have a huge impact on the social media site you can use. For instance, SnapChat is mostly made up of millenials which makes it perfect for businesses targeting that demographic.”

However, if you are looking for a much older demographic group, Facebook and Twitter would be more suitable. If you are targeting women, Pinterest would be a great choice.

Secondly, consider what kind of business you are. Are you more into networking or just selling products? While the prior would be best suited by LinkedIn, the latter would be much better off using Facebook and WhatsApp. Graeme W. is a seo manchester pro and runs the social media for numerous businesses including this botox cheshire clinic and says “This is because the growth of your business depends on its type. Are targeting a formal group of people or casual ones? This will also determine the social media platform you should use. Google+ is for instance great for connecting with formal people.”

Tyler Sampson runs the social media for Elderwerks and this vertikal heizk√∂rper retailer and notes “Are you local or global? Some social media platforms are international and through them people from all over the world can learn about your business. Others are localized and people share information in groups that have people of similar interests. A good example of the latter is WhatsApp. It is prudent to choose a platform that allows you reach the market scope you would like to.”

No matter what social media platform it is that suits you, ensure that you post and interact with your followers often. Remember to be creative and not bore them with advertisement-like posts.