About Us

Lubimgeroi started small and have been surprising their competitors in the marketing and media industry, for their stealth, their creativity and their tenacity.

Founded only in 2014, with a skeleton crew of three key players, we have now grown in size to employ an office full of marketing and media experts.

Our aim is to bring the news about this dynamic industry and bring it fresh. But delivering information is not all that we are about. We also offer comment and analysis, from a variety of commentators.

The bloggers and journalists who write for us come from a variety of disciplines – marketing, media and advertising and have a diverse selection of skills. Their paths and their routes into this arena are all also, suitably different.

Some of us are hardened old goats, who have been in the industry for years, before digital was even born. Others are the wiz kids and new generation. But we all have our fresh perspective to offer on the here and now and which way the winds are blowing in the world of marketing.

When we first started, we were a monthly newsletter only, but this has increased to now bi weekly. With over a thousand subscribers, we decided to expand and launch as a website for news and stories in the world of marketing and advertising.

Now we reach thousands of visitors a week and our presence on social media is increasing all the time.

But one thing has not changed since we first launched, back in 2014 and that is wanting to engage with our readers.

Because we are not simply a news and information site or even a place for commentators to write their opinions. We want to hear from you the reader.

The thoughts and feelings of our users and fellow marketing colleagues are paramount to any serious news site. We love to encourage a debate and are happy to host discussions over on our facebook page.

We hope you will join us in the conversation!

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